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Jules has been guiding people inward to home within their
bodies for the past 20 yrs. in Hawaii and internationally.

Her teachings reflect and encourage Listening and Trusting the innate bio intelligence of the body. She continually learns and explores which enriches her own practice and what she brings to her students. Practices with Jules are oriented to sensing, feeling and experiencing our movements which lead us to a
deeper experience of support and balance.

Following our own internal wisdom we broaden our sense of
self and live more fully from inside out. Jules' classes offer an exploratory, changing, growing and evolving practice that are intuitively guided from the rooted
wisdom of her studies and her own experiences.

YogaSOMATICS, YogaSOMATICS Restorative & Vinyasa
certified ~ Ateeka
Angela Farmer
Narada yoga ~ Hillary Cartwright
Continuum Movement ~ Emile Conrad
Core Awareness & Psoas ~ Liz Koch
Restorative Resources & Poly Vagal ~ Dr Amber Elizabeth Gray
Reiki Master-Teacher
Vibro Acoustic Bodywork ~ Tibetan Singing Bowls, toning, nada yoga
Cynthia Mellon ~ Healing Arts
Tom Kenyon
Munay Ki Rites
Shamanic Journeying
ACADEMIC ~ BA Speech Communications CSULB

"It is within the experience of our humanity that we will learn to recognize our Divinity"

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