The rOMing Yogi can come to you! Many visitors and residents prefer the convenience and personalized service of a private/semi-private yoga class. We can tailor the yoga sequence to your specific level and requests. Our team is skilled in working with beginners and those with injuries who require particular attention, to advanced practitioners looking to deepen their practice. We also offer yoga parties for 4 or more (great for kicking off a girls' night out, or a visiting bachelorette / wedding party)! All pricing includes travel expenses.

Looking for personal training on your vacation? Whether you're seeking to implement a new workout routine, or continue your efforts away from home, we are here to help! We offer a myriad of training methods, personalized to suit your needs. Choose your space- ie. TRX in the fresh outdoors, or gym time with equipment. Your time, your way, our expertise!

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60 min.| $125

Kick-start a new personal goal while you have free time, or maintain your routine while away from home! Our certified personal trainer can inspire and work with you to develop a program tailored to your specific fitness goals. Perhaps just a general one-on-one session to boost your workout routine, or a TRX focused class for targeted sculpting in the fresh outdoors! 


75 min.| $125

A one-on-one class. Many seek a private yoga lesson for various reasons. Whether it be beginners seeking individualized attention to focus on basic asana and alignment, golfers looking for increased flexibility to improve their swing, or advanced practitioners working to deepen their practice. 


Your practice, on your time, in your space. Let's find a date and time that works!



75 min.| $150

A personalized class for 2-3 people. Perfect for couples, friends, or families!

Jules tibetan bowls.jpg


60-90 min. | $225

Perfect for a group of 4 or more!  Looking for a fun way to kick off a girl's night out, or a bachelorette or wedding party? We can work together to tailor your private class to the vibe of your party, making it a fun and playful yoga flow, or a more zen experience with my SPA Yoga training!

SPA Yoga is a restorative gentle practice usually around sunset, and finishing by candlelight. Relax with aromatherapy oils and be lead through an extended guided savasana, engaging all five senses for a deeply relaxing experience. Beach or private residence- your choice of location.


60 min. | $75

Seeking a reconnection to self in this beautiful time of reprieve? Whether curious and new to the practice of meditation, or a regular practitioner, spend meaningful time in nature being lead in this guided class. We'll quiet the mind, and explore the sacred art of slowing down to appreciate the preciousness of life. Learn techniques to incorporate a personal meditation practice into your daily routine. Ease stress and anxiety, and set a positive intention to live a more mindful, meaningful life. 


This is my favorite way to give back! *Same price for unlimited participants.